Anonymous Users

You know what. I’ve had enough, of anonymity. You are not part of the movement, you’re not in the game if you’re anonymous. You’re, totally. Fucking. Useless. You’re pissing in the wind.


Now, I understand that some people might have extreme views, and they don’t want to make that public because they might get fired. I still think that’s lame, but I get it. You’re the general administrator at McDonald’s, and you make 100k a year, you got a mortgage, you live in a new fancy development housing complex, fine. But that person then can’t be arrogant and insult other people and call them a pussy, and say “you need to stand up for what you believe in”, when you’re icon is like a space pirate and you’re name is ‘Warriorrrr’. DUDE, YOU’RE NOT A FUCKING WARRIOR. OK. That fictional nerd drawing that you’re using to represent yourself, you’re not even in the same universe as that guy. Let’s just pretend he is real OK, and there is a space pirate. He had to become an engineer, he had to fight to the death, ugh he lives in outta fucking space. That’s not an easy life. You, sit at home, on your computer, sipping cola, you wouldn’t die for anything, I don’t even think you would die for your family.


And every time I argue with these guys, which, by the way, is stupid and that’s on me, i’m just as dumb as them for wasting my time arguing with these fucking clowns, but I couldn’t resist this weekend. Their avatar is always a warrior, it’s some medieval guy with a giant sword, or some knight standing like that. Dude, knights fought to the death, their clothes weighed 70 kilos, you’re wearing sweatpants. Have you no shame, could you be less self aware. And these guys go “oh yeah well, anonymity is stupid?. It’s about the ideas”. You have 5 followers on twitter, no one’s hearing your fucking ideas. Then they’ll go “Oh thomas paine, he started the american revolution”. Yes. He did. His pamphlet ‘Common Sense’, was an integral piece of the puzzle, that separated America from Britain. HE ALSO DID A LOT OF SHIT AS THOMAS PAINE. Like raise money for the revolution, like be on the run his entire life, like fight the monarchy, FIGHT GEORGE WASHINGTON, as Thomas Paine. You’re not in the same universe as thomas paine, stop using the founding fathers as an example of you. You don’t exist, you’re anonymous.


It doesn’t count if you don’t put your fucking name on it.


Another thing they say is, the gamergate thing, Gawker lost over a million dollars, it was anonymous trolls, that is true. And I have to concede that gamergate was a victory against political correctness, it fractured the left, and made these Social Justice Warriors, sort of a weird anomaly, separating them from the mainstream liberals. And i think it made these mainstream liberals hate these, deluded humans. Yes. I’m sorry but there is something about making Gawker lose money, although I like, like it, I also like seeing a pedophile get the shit kicked out of them. There is still something ignoble about it. There is something not heroic about frantically harassing an advertiser until he just, cuts them off, because he doesn’t want to deal with your crazy fucking face.


I’m not that impressed.


So if you want to make a difference, be yourself, if you have crazy radical views, if you don’t think the holocaust happened, if you think blacks are inferior, you don’t have to vocalise that exactly that way. Keep it interrogative, at least bring it up, but get out there with your face our you don’t count, we need your numbers ok. I don’t care how radical you are, I WANT you to disagree with me, I want to get into a fight with you, and I want to lose, that’s what freedom of speech is about. It’s about people getting into arguments, and losing, it’s about fighting, about physical fights. NOT A PICTURE OF A DUDE WITH A SWORD FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.


We all need to band up if we are to go up against this censorship wall and knock it down.


Lenore Skenazy is a woman, who saw a couple getting arrested for letting their kids walk home from the park alone. Was her solution to not do that anymore? Was her solution to put her kids deeper into the basement, with more locks on the doors and hire more bodyguards, no. She said they can’t arrest us all, and she started a day called “Leave your kids at the park Day”. Her mentality being ‘lets all get out there, lets all leave our kids at the park, let’s all have our kids walk home. And then they’ll go, “shit we can’t fight them, there’s too many of them”. That’s what we have to do with free speech, you have an avatar that’s a space pirate and you are less brave than a nerdy housewife, Lenore Skenazy.


They can’t arrest us all, they can’t censor us all.



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