Social Power


Social media has created a lot of fuel for debate across various world issues. Some say that social media is a powerful tool that has the ability to motivate many people for a particular cause. Others say that it undermines social interaction by requiring people to constantly perform their personalities for their peers, creating more problems for its users than it does solutions.

I agree with those arguing the pros of social media. Presidents have been overthrown by rallies organised over social media, people have shown widespread support for those affected by atrocity. This care for strangers or ability to come together to support issues of common interest is the true power of social media and the reason it has become such an influential tool for social change. (Friedman, 2016)


One of the main reasons I disagree social media helps this world is cyber bullying, a lot of people can view it and take part in it so someone and their mates just makes a kids life a living hell. It is also often done with the bully hiding their identity cause social media gives you the power to do that it is difficult to remove as it is shared online and can be saved whenever wherever. A 14 year old girl Hannah Smith was getting insults about her weight, cruel taunts and family death on a social media app called, a question and answer social networking site that allows anonymous participation. According to her father she was on there to look for advice on the skin condition eczema, while she was on there they urged her to drink bleach and cut herself. On August 3rd, 2013 her body was discovered by her older sister she had hung herself in her bedroom. Following the suicide, Hannah’s sister, Jo, described how just days after discovering her younger sister’s body she started to receive abusive messages on her Facebook mocking her loss and blaming her grieving fathers parenting skills for the tragic death.



“The real Elke’s picture used for a profile named Rochelle”

This article will prove that with social media and all the privileges you get from it and how much access you have to everyone else’s personal information you can easily ruin a person’s life by doing things like catfishing making it look like its them while they really have no idea and one of the worst things is they have no idea so they cannot do anything about it unless someone finds out and lets them know.

Elke got a message from a student she went to school with, he said “someone is on tinder and Instagram using your photos and a few of my mates said they’ve been ‘tuning’ her.” When Elke tried to search her she was blocked and so were her family, so she ended up just getting a heap of people to report this so called “Rochelle” she thought it was over but about a month or so later she got a message on Facebook saying someone has been using your pictures and were having a relationship over it and she was stunned. But the guy who messaged her was convinced he wasn’t being cat fished but his mates told him he was so he tried several times to meet this person and excuse upon excuse kept coming up so he cut her off and the all of a sudden she disappeared this shows that no one is safe in this online world and neither is your identity you do not know what kind of people are out there.



One of the main killers of our society is snapchat, snapchat is an app that leads people to think I can send wat ever I want and It only last for 10seconds and its gone while there other apps out there that let you screenshot photos and messages with the other person knowing about it. This leads teenage girls and boys to do very stupid things and then regretting it later when it leaks like for example this story.

In 2013 ten teens were arrested in Laval, Montreal suspected for sharing child pornography. According to the news report then the teens were aged 13 to 15 and were using a variety of gadgets to take photos of their girlfriends who are within the same age range. These girls got convinced because of social media and people on it that it was completely OK to send out nude selfies. They were also using snapchat for this thinking nothing would happen as they can only be seen for 10 seconds anyone you send the photos to have the capability of screenshotting it and we also don’t know to what extent these photos would go out on social media this all is just a little of what is actually going on in this world with social media and how completely dangerous it is. Is anyone really safe with all our personal information and identity out there for people to look at and be able to steal, Thank you.








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