Social media, the new generation

The Internet is arguably one of the greatest inventions in the twenty first century. Social media has taken over the Internet and has been made useful in many different ways. Social media has the power to connect each and everyone and has the power to entertain us. Websites like Facebook and Twitter are just one of the many different types of media’s. Social media can take form as a bookmarking sites, social news, Microblogging and the first and most obvious Social networks. All these media’s serve individually as a source of information and creativity. They open up a new horizon to the Internet that is connecting and establishing new jobs for many teens, young adults and even middle aged to senior citizens. I’m going to tell you about the lovely world of social media and how its development has changed the world as we know it.


Websites like Pintrest and Delicious are popular social bookmarking sites that centralise on users viewing photos, videos or other web documents and sharing them amongst followers to let other users to view upon.


Social news websites are sites that share and provide national and international news; example websites are Reddit and Digg. Both provide a broader access to news articles, videos and other picture that you wouldn’t normally find on the local news.


Microblogging is a type of social that allows its users to make short text updates or small articles. These updates can be personal, controversial or just beliefs amongst subscribers.

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Social networking is one of the most wide now type of social media and is the first that comes to mind when thinking of social media. Social network sites are sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the popular amongst young adults, Snapchat. Social networking has changed the world as we see it the most. It has changed how we communicate, how we do business and how we entertain ourselves. Social Networking is one of the fastest growing networks of all time. It is a one of a kind innovation and its gives life to a whole new range of things that once, we could only dream of.

Social media has become so huge and so popular that it has become a product of advertisement and new businesses. For example all the social networking sites I said earlier they provide jobs for people across the globe; this is a huge step forward in solving the unemployment crisis. Advertisements on Facebook and YouTube have given jobs like Web designers and App developers; it gives jobs to creative innovators that help run build the websites. Facebook for example it can provide employers to reach out to the world to fill occupations. Since so many people around the world are on Facebook and most of them spend an insane number of hours on it businesses are using it has a marketing platform so it can connect with its consumers. Businesses also use YouTube provide similar jobs to its employees and can use it as a marketing platform. YouTube has also been able to make a website that has made creativity rewarding for “YouTubers”. Some “YouTubers” have been very successful off this website due to its broad acceptance of everyone and its ability to connect and entertain us. Making a living off YouTube has become more and more popular over the years. Some “YouTubers” almost spend all their time on social media; YouTube has turned into an organisation that is a marketing platform for other businesses. People like Felix Kjellberg (Pewdiepie) have found success on YouTube. This video blogger appeals to the public by producing videos that entertain and give joy to the audience. He has the most subscribers on YouTube and his channel is believed to make £10 million a year (Lunn, E. 2014) by just recording him playing video games by himself or with friends. Felix only makes 25% of that original cut. YouTubers make money by companies willing to pay content marketing to promote their business. This is displayed to the public by ads being played before videos and promotional videos within the webpage. YouTube makes its money by promoting and providing a popular website that companies can display their products on; similar to a billboard on the side of the road. Ultimately social media has helped the spread of the fast growing demand for jobs and occupations.


Social media has been able to do a variety of things that were once deemed unimaginable a few decades ago. Almost all American teens have a social media account, 76% of all teens use social media. Over half of all teens use Facebook and Instagram (Lenhart, A. 2015). In this day and era connecting with friends via social media is a critical skill that all teens must teach themselves over time. Websites like Facebook have the ability to connect and bring out the passionate relationships with other people. Today it is so much easier to make friends over the Internet; at just a click of a button you can know everything about someone. Being extremely outgoing is no longer the only way to meet new friends, having this information through your Facebook wall can skip the awkward and unnecessary small talk. Social media allows you to connect and build thoughtful and meaningful relationships with people you wouldn’t even image to.



It is thought out since the popularisation of social media that teenage and young adults’ grammar, spelling and punctuation skills have dropped significantly, but it continuous to ignore the way users explore the online world. As we are moving into a different generation of computers people are becoming more and more knowledgeable about the Internet and its endless supply of knowledge. Social media has made it easier to access information, provide information and communicate with reliable sources. It allows a greater understanding of your research and lets you communicate between students and teachers. In universities professors record and send out videos of their lectures, this allows students to further their knowledge of the work. Social platforms that do this are Google classrooms and Moodle. Moodle allows teachers at The University of Canberra and other universities in Australia to post lectures and information about the classes (What is Moodle. 2016). This is a very successful method of letting professors connect with their work. This ultimately brings knowledge and life to our future generations.


Social media in the twenty first century has taken us to a whole new world human have never been before. It has the ability to provide jobs and employment, the ability to connect people across the globe and the ability to further excel the education of students and users. Ultimately social media’s popularisation has helped people around the world socially as well as it has entertained us with funny, amusing or educational videos and photos.











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