Is Social Media The Reason?

Everybody knows what social media is the majority have social media. Media has been around since newspapers were invented but social media is much more interactive. People are able to talk to each other when miles away from each other. You may be thinking now well people have always been able to through telephones but the cool thing about social media is you are actually able to see their face and what they are doing and still hear them through social media like Skype and through the many apps that social media provides such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. what is believed of social media to do is use slang and teenagers have always been accused of ruining the English language because of slang. Slang are words that have been shortened to make reading information quicker and writing it quicker and by definition slang “is a type of language consisting of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more common in speech than writing.” (Oxford Dictionaries | English, 2016) Slang is used in all sorts of social media, Facebook, twitter, snapchat and even “professional” emails. When posting things or sending a short message slang is easier to read and quicker to respond.

Hey m8, hru 2day wanna hang 2day?

Hey im on my way 2wrk soz.

Lol all g mbl8r TTYL :-P.

This is an example of a quick and very short message between two people. Slang has always been around but like everything it evolves. As well as the English language changing and media changing slang has also changed. This is what I call 21st century slang, and with social media it makes it a lot easier to use. When putting a quick post up instead of writing a full paragraph you are able to shorten the words and the sentences. With all this new social media and new way of English my question is who is using this social media slang the most.

Most people believe that teenagers are the reason why people use slang teenagers are the reason slang exists because we are too lazy to write a proper sentence and for a long time it has always been that way. Some of that might be true but how I see it is that most of us teenagers don’t use as much slang as people think we do. There have been many articles to support this one being “times of India” wrote an article also highlighting that teenagers are not running the English language by using slang. “Very commonly, people think that teenagers are ruining language because they are texting or using shorthand or slang,” said Mary Kohn, assistant professor of English at Kansas State University in the US. “In fact, teenagers may not be causing language change the way that we typically think,” Kohn noted. (The Times of India, 2016) I don’t know about you but how many times have you been talking or texting or reading a post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and your parents or career have written LOL or something like ROFL. Because of social media it has let everyone of all ages use slang. Social media means that parents connect with their children in a different way to how they used to. Which could mean that parents communicating in a different way through social media means they feel the need to use slang.

Social media has caused for people to use slang a lot more then we used to but that is not a bad thing. The English language has always been changing for many years and evolving to the needs of its users. Children at schools are still taught the proper English but that does not mean that they cannot go onto social media and use slang. Children should be taught to leave unprofessional language out of the professional work. “Language changes for several reasons. First, it changes because the needs of its speakers change. New technologies, new products, and new experiences require new words to refer to them clearly and efficiently.” (Anon, 2016). I am not the only one who believes that language change is good but as of anything there will always be the people who disagree. Therefore, social media today has caused us to use slang more then we used to but it is perfectly normal for this to happen to the English language. It is not the teenagers fault it is simply the way it works. Technology changing and us humans evolving is perfectly normal and how it is supposed to be.

Social media today is lots of people around the world connecting from people who live in japan communicating with people who live in Australia through ways then just being able to hear each other. It is an amazing new world around us because we are able to see all the new trends straight away and all the news around the world straight away but what social media is doing is influencing the English language. Although we see what it is doing and how it is creating the slang the only reason we do not do anything about it is because the English language is forever changing and always will. Slang may stop one day as it slowly is but the English language will change in ways we never knew in many many years.


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