Trolling in Games

If I was to ask you a simple question that was (Are you a troll?) how would you reply? Nowadays gaming has become one of the biggest and most impressive forms of entertainment for adults, teenagers and children of all ages as it is a way for people to just relax or have fun in multiplayer games such as Counter strike Global Offensive (CS-GO), League Of Legends (LOL). But most people are not aware that there are dangers in multiplayer games and they are commonly known as trolling or simply put as cyber bullying. Firstly what is cyber bullying?, cyber bulling is a form of harassment done through electronic devices by ether social media or just plain emailing. But most people don’t know that multiplayer games is the type of category where teenagers or gamers can get bullied most gamers tend to call this TROLLING. A group of scientist deiced to do a research on the difference between social media bullying and multiplayer games, it was shown that 43% of teens aged 13-17 have reported an experience where they were cyber bullied, but for video game players, that percentage could be significantly higher. In fact, 63% of female gamers have been sexually harassed such as being asked to perform “virtual sex behaviours” in return for in game currencies. But most of the reasons why people Troll online is because they either had a bad day or they just feel like harassing someone who beat them in a game or match, when one of those opponents loses that is  when they decide to send unnecessary messages where they are threatening the victims life or threatening their family. Most victims don’t see this as a major problem, this means that they want bother with telling an adult whats happening. What they don’t really know is that it can escalate very quickly.

Now lets talk about me and my experiences of TROLLING. I’m gonna be really honest and say that I have never been Trolled before, but I have been the Troll. For me it was only a one type thing from then on I never did again. I’ve currently been playing a game called League of Legends (LOL) a fun MOBA to kill some time or just for fun, I never thought that I would end up Trolling one day but it just happened I was talking to a random person online whom I’ve never met face to face so i deiced to catfish him and pretend I was a girl. The only reason I did it was for the laughter and for fun but after a while I realised what I was doing was inappropriate because the person I was trolling wanted to give his number and wanted to chat him and hang out some time and that’s when I deiced to stop harassing him and making him think I was a female gamer so I had to tell him the truth obviously he would become angry at me but I’m glad he didn’t take it as a bad thing, right know we are good friends and still laugh about the messages we used to send to each other.

Girls (Egirls) get targeted a lot in games, this is because most gamers think of woman not playing games and that they are to perfect for it and that gaming is for boys. but most girls don’t care about who thinks what. For example a well known female gamer that goes of the name Pokimane on twitch gets sexually harassed a lot every time this live streamer stands up to get something she would always end up with these types of messages (THICC) which means she has a big ass or bum.


But there are some people out there who try their best to stop trolls from sending these types of messages or trash talking in a game about or to someone, one of my favourite you tuber who does this has gotten a lot of praise from parents and some game creators for standing up. He has recently uploaded videos called (African Rebel teaching kids lessons) (  The reason why I love this video is because this you tuber stands up to a troll who is talking crap someones mom, this you tuber demonstrates that its not OK to talk about other peoples parents online as it is disrespectful and it was also a funny video to enjoy.


In conclusion trolling happens everywhere but on social media it is well known as cyber bulling. Even though most people might think its not a big issue it can change to an even bigger problem very quickly, that is why it is important to tell a parent if you are being harassed on multiplayer games and that the game creators should find ways to prevent this from happening.



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