Cyber bullying resulting in mental health issues

Cyber bullying is a huge issue around the globe, and it just never seems to stop.

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Facts on Cyber Bullying

  • 43% of teenagers/kids have been a victim on online bullying, that’s 1 in 4 kids.
  • 68% of kids think cyber bulling is a serious problem
  • Only 1 in 10 people will tell parents/friends they are getting harassed.
  • 90% of kids have seen cyber bulling and done nothing to stop it.
  • Over 80% of kids have a mobile phone which makes them easier to “contact”.
  • Bulling victims 2 to 9 times more likely to commit suicide.
  • Suicide is the 2nd highest cause of death in between 15-25 (which relates into cyber bullying)

25% of teens have reported they have experienced repeated bullying by their phones or by social media.

Where the bullying takes place

Some of the most popular apps/sites to use to bully/harass people are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat. Teens seem to target people who are “different” and who aren’t like them, because they stand out.

People often feel the “need” to cyber bully people when they are angry, frustrated, seeking revenge or just plain dead jealous. Coming off as being mean and putting people is their way of hiding there jealousy.

Most common apps used according to statistics

According to statistics 52% of people have reported being cyber bullied & 33% of teens have experienced threats online. The most common apps used are:

download.png Facebook: 84.2%

download (3).jpg Instagram: 23.4%

download (4).jpg Twitter: 21.4%

download (1).png Snapchat: 13.5%

Msg: 11.2%

Most common types of Cyber Bullying

Being sent mean messages or threats by text: 35%

Spreading rumors online: 21%

Pretending to be someone else to hurt someone(aka fake profile): 12%

Effects of Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying can be the start or cause of a lot of emotional health issues such as anxiety, depression & ptsd (post-traumatic stress disorder). Getting these mental health “problems” can cause people to overthinking, use/take drugs and alcohol, skip/drop out of school, be stressed 24/7,  experience physical symptoms and most importantly cause severe emotional problems and self doubt.

Effects of mental health disorders

Depression: Depression is more than a “bad mood”, it makes you feel isolated and alone, always having sad thoughts and feeling like nothing is going to get better. Depression interfere with your behaviour and feelings it makes your withdraw yourself from friends & family, not able to concentrate, not getting things done at school/work, with your feelings it makes you feel a whole bunch of things at once and then sometimes you feel nothing, you feel unhappy, lacking confidence, overwhelmed, disappointed and miserable.

Ways to stop Cyber Bullying

Here are some ways to avoid/ignore Cyber bullying:

  • Don’t respond to messages or comments, that’s what they want
  • Save the evidence
  • Talk to someone about whats going on
  • Block to bully
  • Protect you’re accounts, make them private only for your friends to view.


Article on Cyber Bullying

Alone, these studies can’t prove that the bullying caused the depression — it’s possible that depressed teens are more likely to become targets of bullying than their healthier peers. However, Hamm said, one of the 10 studies did follow the teens over time and found that the cyberbullying preceded the teens’ depression, hinting at a causal relationship. The research also found that the more cyberbullying a teen experienced, the more severe his or her symptoms of depression.

Alarmingly, teens typically suffered cyber bullying in silence. “Kids really are hesitant to tell anyone when cyber bullying occurs,” Hamm said. “There seems to be a common fear that if they tell their parents, for example, they’ll lose their Internet access.”

Therefore, it’s important for parents to respond carefully if their kids are being bullied online, and to teach teens safe Internet use rather than cutting off permission to use the Web, she said.

Places to go/talk to someone about how your feeling, don’t keep it bottled up




Crystel Longobardi


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